How We Make Learning A Fun Experience At Home

Children Activities & Games

A cognitive development approach to explore your child’s likes and dislikes. This is done easily through activity-based learning by children.

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Children Quiz

A quiz is the best way to encourage a child's thirst for knowledge. Young students are inspired to gain new knowledge and improve their aptitude & mental ability.

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Children Online Store

Playing various quizzes and puzzles in our app would enable your child to win points which can be used to purchase toys and books from our online store.

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Children Vocabulary

Improve your children’s vocabulary by learning new words daily. Children’s vocabulary is built effectively through KidsBuddy. s

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Children News

Staying abreast and up-to-date with the latest news around the world, especially related to kids is extremely rewarding for children, no matter their age group.

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Children Assessment Report

Our team of child experts prepares a comprehensive report that reveals the child’s IQ, physical development, emotional intelligence, language, and other special talents.

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Children Diary

Never miss out on writing dairy daily on the KidsBuddy Smiley app. The benefits of maintaining a diary in our app are many.

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Vocational Classes

Children can visit our nearby centers where vacation camps are held. With assistance from various teachers, volunteers, and guides, children can participate in different hands-on practical activities.

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General Knowledge

We all want our children to grow knowledgeable about current affairs, historical events, facts, discoveries, and people of great importance. KidsBuddy Smiley encourages this thirst for knowledge in several ways. Read More

Science & Technology

For all the fabulous discoveries and inventions to happen in the future, it is necessary to steer our little ones in the right direction through science and technology. Read More

Logical & Mathematical Skills

We have the best teachers and psychologists prepare many activities, puzzles, and quizzes that will challenge the logical and mathematical intelligence of your children. Read More

Physical Development

The physical development of children is very much important as the mental and knowledge growth of your children. Read More


A child’s artistic talent and creativity are explored thoroughly within this app. A wide number of activities present in the app related to crafting, …. Read More


KidsBuddy Smiley provides this fantastic opportunity for your children to master various languages. Read More


In contrast to another educational approach, the child’s naturalistic intelligence is also observed and interpreted here. Read More

Inter-personal & Intra-personal Skills

The emotional intelligence of a child plays a vital role in their happiness and personality. Their social interactions and behavior towards family, teachers, friends, and Read More

Did you know 90% of the children aspire to be different and unique? And now it is your turn to think and act differently to highlight their uniqueness.

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Some of our Awesome Testimonials

Our Contribution In Providing A Better Future For Children In Need

Every child has the right to quality education and good living conditions. And KidsBuddy has made its life purpose in providing the children with all the necessities they deserve. A certain fraction of our revenue goes to various organizations that are working on child welfare and children's mistreatment.

Most of us believe our childhood to be the best phase of our life. And it is distressing that a small portion of the society is facing immense hardship during this period. Every child deserves a beautiful childhood without any stress and pain. Every child is precious that needs to be cherished and safeguarded.

We are happy and honored to be a part of enhancing the childhood of various children through these donations and inventing more advanced applications for their development.

Importance of Early Childhood Development – Infograph

This info-graph highlights the importance of Early childhood development.

Play-Based Learning: A Guide

Children grow and learn better in an environment where they feel happy to be.

3 Essential Skills for Your Child

The experiences and knowledge that children receive during their childhood are retained for the rest of their life.

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