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As a parent, would you like to know more about your child and understand him/her much better? This is exactly the reason why KidsBuddy Smiley was designed. This fun learning and interactive app allows your little one to learn while playing. At the same time, KidsBuddy allows you to track your child's progress and know many things about him/her which you would be unaware of right now.

KidsBuddy Smiley puts a smile on the faces of kids and of course parents too.

Want to know how KidsBuddy Smiley can strengthen the parent-child bond?

We had been sincerely trying to provide children with all the essential tools to live a good life and reach their maximum potential. Incorporating advanced technologies like AI and IoT in a convenient way for the parents and children both to attain maximum results. KidsBuddy is a concept that was conceived in Indbytes Technologies with the help of some great minds. With a strong determination to enhance and improve our children’s lives, KidsBuddy was created after an uphill battle by us. And we always kept the mental and physical well-being of our children as our number one priority while doing the same.

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Kidsbuddy Smiley

Empowering a child to play and learn together by performing real-life activities.

To help the child to achieve their dream child centric software solution and its value proposition.

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The Subject Areas

We have brought together a list of subjects where we will be providing tasks:


The art activities included in KidsBuddy Smiley allows children to be creative. They get to use their imagination and unleash their creativity. These fun activities help to improve the fine motor skills of children too. Some use paints, some use crayons, some use pencils, while some just dab with their fingers. Curious to know what your child would do?

Logic and Reasoning

The logic and reasoning games enhance cognitive development, critical thinking and problem solving ability in kids. It also boosts the power of concentration in children.


Fun activities in the knowledge section enable children to explore and understand how various wonders around them work. For example, how animals live, how trees breathe, why there day and night, etc.


Want to test the physical capabilities of your child and see how they do it? We have tasks specifically designed for this purpose which can be integrated as a part of day-to-day activities of the kids.

Bring up the passion.

Did you know 90% of the children aspire to be different and unique? And now it is your turn to think and act differently to highlight their uniqueness.

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Our Contribution In Providing A Better Life
For Children In Need

A Certain Portion Of Our Revenue Provides For Child Betterment Through Organizations For Children.

Every child has the right to quality education and good living conditions. And KidsBuddy has made its life purpose in providing the children with all the necessities they deserve. A certain fraction of our revenue goes to various organizations that are working on child welfare and children's mistreatment.

Most of us believe our childhood to be the best phase of our life. And it is distressing that a small portion of the society is facing immense hardship during this period. Every child deserves a beautiful childhood without any stress and pain. Every child is precious that needs to be cherished and safeguarded.

We are happy and honored to be a part of enhancing the childhood of various children through these donations and inventing more advanced applications for their development

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