As a parent, would you like to know what your kid really likes to do or what he/she doesn’t like? Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a child is really important for any parent. This is the reason why IndBytes Technologies has come up with the novel concept of KidsBuddy Smiley- an activity based learning. 

KidsBuddy Smiley has been built by a team of expert professionals focusing on the learning, growth, and overall child development. It is a mobile app for child development that puts the child first before everyone else. KidsBuddy is a true buddy for the kids in the sense that kids can learn while playing. Most parents have problems with their kids not learning something when they are taught. The question to ponder over is whether the child is really enjoying learning what he/she is being taught or does he/she have some different interests.

Why KidsBuddy Smiley?

KidsBuddy Smiley is a unique and distinctly different mobile app with AI based algorithms and robust features that enables parents to keep a track of what their kids love to do. This app allows kids to have fun and learn at the same time. Unlike other apps, there is no gadget-based learning in KidsBuddy. All activities for the kids are practical life-based. These activities are based on the things a child sees around everyday. KidsBuddy facilities cognitive development in children right from a tender age. 

Brain development is the fastest during early years. The fun-learning real-life activities in KidsBuddy generate a sense of curiosity in children enabling them to learn things faster. KidsBuddy is an app that will surely make your tiny tot go on a fun-filled learning adventure ride. It is a great place for your young one to explore and learn.

In today’s world of ranks and grades, rote learning is quite common amongst kids of all ages. By using KidsBuddy, children become problem solvers right from the time they are small and this continues throughout their life. KidsBuddy Smiley supports learning and mental development in kids through fun and interactive activities.

The activities in KidsBuddy are best suited for children in the age group of 4 to 12 years. However, at IndBytes Technologies we understand that a task for a 10 year old would not be conducive to judge the talent of a 5 year old. This is the reason why we have categorized various tasks based on different age groups.

While developing KidsBuddy, we have incorporated tasks and activities for the differently abled special children as well since they too are an important part of the future.

Features of the KidsBuddy Smiley app

  • Kids friendly UI and seamless navigation from one activity to another
  • Free to learn and play for the kids
  • Promotes playing and learning simultaneously
  • Use of sounds, music, and real-life visualizations to keep children engaged
  • Less time consuming tasks for kids
  • Focus on cognitive development and social involvement
  • Parents can keep a track of their child’s progress through psychometric reports

How does KidsBuddy Smiley work?

The KidsBuddy mobile app is free to download on both Android and iOS smartphones. The kids can play different activities and games for free. They can even shift from one session to another on their own hassle-free without even requiring the help of parents. While the app is free for the kids to play and learn, the parents have to pay a nominal charge to get access to the psychometric reports of their kids.

Parents can assess and track the performance and progress of kids through psychometric reports. These highly reliable reports enable parents to get an idea about their kids abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Some children may like drawing, some singing, dancing, painting, and other activities. Some children are likely to have multiple talents too. KidsBuddy enables parents to identify these hidden talents so that they can be nurtured properly in the right direction from a young age.

Download KidsBuddy Smiley and make your child’s life fun and enjoyable. The results will be there for you to see in a short time frame. You would be able to see the tangible difference in your child before and after using KidsBuddy Smiley.